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Supporting Older People

The pandemic has been terrifying. I do feel alone. My husband passed way 21 years ago but I didn’t think about it before the pandemic because I was able to go out but since March I haven’t been anywhere. My life changed completely because I was such an active person, even though I’m crippled with arthritis, I do not let it beat me. I was on the go all the time. I’d go to bingo. I’d go to clubs. Every Saturday, every weekend.

To think someone cares.

Bridget has been fantastic. There’s a bit of Irish in her and I’m Irish so we get on great. She’s been ringing me from day one. Some days I would just sit here and cry, kind of wishing I was gone. Then all of a sudden I could get a phone call and it would actually get me out of it, to think someone cares. That one thing…”Are you ok?” If everyone asks you “Are you ok?” that makes you fit for the day.

I’m looking forward to going to bingo. And seeing the Irish bands. They’re the ones I miss the most.” – Imelda, aged 74, Telephone Befriending client

Bingo may not change the world, but it might mean the world to someone.

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