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Supporting Older People

“The pandemic affected me in many ways. I felt like I was in prison. I became more withdrawn. Sometimes my thought patterns were rather strange. I was living in shared accommodation, on the top floor so I was quite isolated. My room was tiny. If I got up suddenly I would hit my head on the ceiling. I would take three steps and had reached my limit. The toilet had a perpetual smell. Sometimes it would build up a gas and on occasions I woke up thinking it was going to kill me. But no one would listen. I couldn’t even go for a walk because my doctor told me to shield.

If felt like a rebirth.

Nevina, my project worker, she helped me very much. I would speak with her on the phone and pick up on the kindness in her voice. I got relief with her. She helped me find a new home. At first it felt like a rebirth. Where I am living now is near to a place that is very familiar. All my friends used to live round here when I was a boy; that brought back happy memories. I can walk in the park and recall all the friends that went to school with me. I had a good life as a school boy.

I’m looking forward to getting some shelving or a shed to store my books. I’ve been collecting books since 1970 so I have a lot of them. That’s what kept me going during lockdown; reading books.” – Maxi, aged 72, Floating Support client

Book storage may not change the world, but it might mean the world to someone.

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