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Pay It Forward

A few months ago we were approached by two students from Queens Park Community School, who were interested in learning about Elders Voice. Cassius and Ayan, close to finishing their first year of sixth form, had undertaken a project called Pay It Forward which involved connecting with local charities. Along with other students in their year, they had been set the task of researching a local charity and presenting their findings back to the school. The students with the best presentation won £500 to donate to their chosen charity.

Charming, intelligent and armed with their smartphones for taking notes, Cassius and Ayan grilled us with a variety of questions including what were our plans for the charity’s future and how would we spend £500, if we were to receive a donation of this amount. The feedback from the teachers was that Cassius and Ayan’s presentation was simple, moving and delivered with verve. In fact, it was Ayan’s impassioned plea to his fellow students, to take an interest in the local community and help others less fortunate, that swayed it for the teachers and the studious pair scooped the prize! Not long after, we were invited to the school and presented with a cheque for £500.

We are deeply touched by the interest Cassius and Ayan have shown in Elders Voice and incredibly grateful to Queens Park Community School for donating such a generous sum of money. Thank you to all involved for helping us support older people in Brent.