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Juice: My Juiciest Juicy Bits

It’s time for another sneak peek inside our fundraising calendar ‘In Rude Health’. Meet Jean & Richard, our February cover stars and generous souls, who have volunteered their time for Elders Voice on numerous occasions. In order to meet the rest of the ‘In Rude Health’ gang, you’ll have to buy yourself a copy! Below the photograph is a bitingly honest poem ‘Juice: My Juiciest Juicy Bits’, penned by Richard (an emerging activist poet), who was kind enough to let us share it with you. Enjoy!

Juice: My Juiciest Juicy Bits
by Richard Downes

April 2018
Upon achieving redundancy
I find myself selling my body
Conceding principles
Opening my mind

By summertime
Unwaged but hopeful
I find myself peeling off my clothes
For a damned char-i-dee
If not for love nor friendship

In a room I know in June
Yellow walls reflecting sanity
Peeked at by the model finder
Photographer, Assistant
Fellow models
I’m defined as cool

October 2018
I cover up with jumpers
Looking back at the sky clad
Days and realise through aging
I have lost the low self esteem
The ragged body image

Still unwaged still hopeful
As the nudie calendar goes to press
With me in 3 states of undress
I look for sales
And further discovery
As a naked, stammering activist poet

19 sixty something
The Royal Albert Hall
Ginsberg strips off
To read and share Howl
In Highgate I howl to strip off again

Then today
I finally realise
As much as I dream of stardom
And being wanted by the hordes
Not even the Job Centre really wants me